West Sussex Cuckold

Its pretty clear that the West Sussex cuckold scene is stronger than ever with loads of couples posting up personals adverts to meet with males and as you can see from the feature image this West Sussex hotwife has no problem in taking some pretty scary sized sex toys….yum!!

I’m not saying that all the contacts would be like the feature image as I know my own hotwife would run a mile if I approached her with a sex toy of this size…or maybe she’d make me bend over and fuck me with it lol….yeah right !

But this is just one of many West Sussex contacts and whether your looking for just straight cuckold contacts or some of the more extremes that couples will consider when looking at the cuckold scene ….either way just out some recently logged in profiles and member photos below Continue reading

Peeping Tom Husband

Peeping Tom Cuckold Husband

My husband loves to spy on me when I’m fucking other guys, he doesn’t do it without me know as he knows I’d basically cut his balls off and I do find it a massive turn on knowing that just around the corner is the little hubby watching me having fun…

A recent cuckold experience we had was at of all things the local supermarket and whilst it wasn’t planned it turned into a fun night for me and hew got to watch me with a much younger and far more hung male than I’d ever had before and I loved it so much that I’ve now changed my profile to meet with bulls from 21 upwards…and to think me being a 50 year old married women …wonderful !!

Right back to my little peeping tom of a husband, it was quite late and we were heading  back home when we had to call into the supermarket to buy some wine as we’d run out and whilst I wasn’t dressed for shopping as I had a black mini on that only just covered my arse and as knickers are always an optional for me not wearing any, but what the heck it probably would be quite

I headed off in the direction of the wine my hubby wanted to check some new car mags out …borring…whilst walking around I noticed this young guy, I suppose he must have been in his early twenties, fit and quite smart and I could see he was giving me the eye, mind you with what I was wearing HELLO ….

So this got me thinking and I thought I’d have a bit of fun. Reaching up for a bottle of wine from the top shelf I made sure my dress road up my thighs, not too high but just enough to get his attention and from the way he was now looking at me rather than his shopping I think I did that ….then I noticed the little cuckold husband walking over towards me thankfully right in the same direction of this other guy…thankfully the coin dropped and he headed off down another isle

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Knowing that the hubby was watching now I stepped up the flashing and reaching every higher I dress road up my thighs, and stopped just by my arse cheeks and with no knickers on he got a full eye full of my arse. Putting the bottle into the trolley I adjusted myself and looked around pretending to be embarrassed but making sure I didn’t make eye contact with the guy…or my little peeping tom husband

Walking around the supermarket it was pretty clear I had him hooked as he was following me around isle by isle and it was quite amusing knowing these two guys were following me around like little sheep but it was also a massive turn on and I wanted more. So stopping to pick up something from a low shelf I gave him both barrels lol and bent right over showing off my arse and pussy to him and this time round it was no quick flash. My husband was watching from right down at the bottom and he knew by now that I was going to fuck this guy.

Walking towards the check out he was behind me in the queue and right behind him yep you guessed it my hubby but my attention was going towards him but more so the fit young guy and what was now clearly visible the hardon in his trousers. Putting my plan further into action I bent over right in front of both of them to get something out of my bag and I was wriggling my arse around whilst looking…I could almost hear them both grasping.

Once I paid I walked out and slowly headed towards the car and once at the car I again bent over placing things in the boot and it was so deliberate that if he didn’t walk over this time then I must have lost my touch and sure as fuck he walked over  “do you always go shopping with no knickers on?” looking at him I responded “always, why didn’t you like” and with that got a big grin in return. Seeing he was a little shy and being horny as fuck I  blurted  out “I  was wondering, fancy a fuck?”  without hesitation he responded  “what now and where?”  and with that I looked around the carpark, over there looks pretty quite, which was just by some bins and the direction my peeping tom of a husband was heading straight towards

With that I got into my car and he followed me as we drove straight past my husband standing in the corner and once parked up he walked straight over to me and without a single word his hands were up and onto my pussy …………the rest is inside the members section

cuckold dogging

cuckold dogging

Looking to meet up with UK cuckold dogging couples? Or maybe you’ve seen the term on another cuckold or dogging site and not really sure just what the cuckold dogging scene is about.

In a nutshell cuckold dogging is where husbands will take wife to known dogging locations, often these types of meets will be pre arranged either via some type of dogging contacts website or a forum, of which we have both within the members section

The soul intention of the husband is to meet up with other guys and let them fuck his wife whilst he watches. Although this does sometimes involve the husbands videoing or taking photos so if you’re a tad camera shy it’s a good idea to find out if this is on the cards

The meets I seen in the past normally involve small groups between 3-5 guys although I have heard of much bigger cuckold dogging meets depending really on just how greedy the wife is and whether she thinks she can handle larger group. Meeting with dogging couples is easy and you can use any of the follow methods or even all as they are all freely available within the members section

1- submit a profile stating your looking for cuckold dogging meets ( don’t forget pics)
2- post details within the forum as we have dedicated forums for both dogging cuckolds & location details
3- send a message to a member after searching using the advance search

Anyone of theses will get you in direct contacts with husbands that basically want to watch there wives being fucking at outdoor locations and dogging spots……..so want to see some UK hotwives dogging ? posted below are sample photos that have been posted within the members section that are either looking to meet with males or posting details of cuckold dogging locations where they will be meeting with contacts ….enjoy ( these images have all been edited to protect members)




first cuckold sex

First cuckold meet

How did my swinging life develop? Once the genie is out of the bottle it is very difficult to put it back in. The sights and sounds I had experienced were and still are (in a fading memory) a huge turn on and I had tasted the forbidden fruit and yet I wanted more.

Answering one cuckold advert led to what then became a long term friendship. I met S in a pub as arranged and as agreed. Having already exchanged messages, letters and a phone calls S decided that if he felt his wife would like me and he felt he could trust me we would go back to his house where A was waiting upon his decision.

S & I were from different sides of the tracks, but we got on well, We had a couple of drinks and S told me that A had a yearning to be fucked by another man while he was in the room at the same time. He suggested that when we got back to his place that we should engage in some conversation and then he would suggest A to come and sit on my lap. Col I thought… wasn’t sure how it would move on from that but I was keen and interested.

We arrived at S’s house and A was there said hello as we gave each oyther a peck on the cheek. We sat down round the TV and chatted for a while. It was obvious and intentional on A’s part that from time to time she would give me a flash of her stocking tops. Eventually S got up took his wife by the hand and escorted her to me. A say down on my lap. I could feel the glow and warmth of her damp crotch as she sat down. I can see you are a little excited I whispered in her ear as we started to kiss.

It didn’t take long before A had slipped off my lap onto the floor, where she knelt in front of me as she unzipped me. Reaching inside she pulled out my cock which by now was stiff and rigid. Pulling back my foreskin she took me into her mouth. I reached forward and took her ample breasts into my hands gently massing them rolling thumb and forfinger around her hardening nipples. I sank to the floor and started undressing her. I wanted to get in between her legs. My hands made their way down her body until I reached her panties. Gently my fingers stroked her and her pussy purred with pleasure as she opened her legs wider and arched her back pushing her pussy against my hand. I could tell what she wanted next….. i was in no mood to disappoint her…

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I could feel how wet Mrs A had become, I ran a finger along her pussy lips prising them apart slightly allowing the cooler air to create a ripple of pleasure through her body. Now was the time and I kissed her breasts, licked her nipples as i slowly worked down her body until I was between her legs. She sensed what I was about to do and involuntarily spread her legs wider and her hand reached down finding my head and with that she guided my head to the spot which was in most desperate need. I flickout out my tongue tasting her sweet juices against my tongue, with my figers I spread her lips further so that my tongue could delive deep inside her before I found her clitoris at which point my tongue circled round it before I gentle sucked on her engorded clit.

She called her husband over and with one hand firmnly holding onto my head making sure that my mouth was awash with her sweet juices she unbluckled and unzipped him allowing his cock to spring out. She reached forward and took his cock into her mouth gently moaning with pleasure as I tongue fucked her pussy and her husband fucked her mouth.

The rest of the evening was a series of both S and I making sure that A was taken in every concievable position, that she had us both as often and for as long as she wanted. We eventually all went to sleep on a matress which had been brought down to the sitting room only for me to be awken half way through the night with A’s mouth around my cock which has once again manfully stood up and was ready to the challenge. As S slept I we quitely and gently fucked. She wrap her leg around my body allowing me to enter her from the side and without disturbing Mr A I filled her again with my hot cum. Finally satisfied we went back to sleep…. and from there started a long friendship with many adventures and plenty of additional stories…

Hotwife Story

Hotwife Story
Hotwife Story

Today Anne went to work with a smile on her face she had on a short skirt, holdup stockings,thong and a low cut top she knew David would be there, she had already made her mind up to do something about the way she would spot him looking up her skirt when he thought nobody was looking.

When she got to work he was already in and she knew this would be the day david would get more than a quick look up her skirt .She had already told the other staff to take the day off.

He was sitting at his desk as she walked in he looked up with a smile and said hi, she noticed him looking at her legs, she told him they had a lot of files to sort out in the basement later on but first they would have a coffee.

She made sure she bent over a lot as she sorted out some stuff and could see that david had noticed that she had holdup stockings on,this is going to be fun she thought as she saw the bulge in his pants,

So now she knew he would be watching as she crouched down to put some stuff in the bottom drawer of the fileing cabinet she let her legs open just enough to let him see up past her stocking tops and get a good look at her thong and rear end, she took a sly look at him and could see the bulge getting bigger.

After they finished their coffee she said we had better get things sorted out so off they went down to the basement file room, they started to sort out the files and she made sure he could see up her skirt when she bent down and also down her top

She then said she would have to get some files from the top shelf and she pulled the ladder over to the shelves and asked david to hold it steady for her, up she went and she could sense that he was looking up her skirt and she was getting very damp and thought he must have noticed her thong was getting wet.

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She was glad she had holdup stockings on. Suddenly she felt his hand move up her leg and she opened her legs a little to give him a better view but his hand went further up until he was touching her wet pussey pulling her thong to one side his finger started to stroke her pussey lips then he pushed a finger into her,

By now her legs were feeling like jelly so she said they should move to the table.She got down from the ladder and as they kissed her hand went down and found his rock hard cock slowly she unziped him and pulled his cock out and as she wrapped her hand round his cock she could only just get her fingers round it, she wondered if she would be able to take such a thick cock.

She dropped to her knees and kissed the top of his manhood the took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could he let out a groan as her hot lips moved up and down his cock he knew he would not last long so he lifted her up and undid her top then he took off her bra she was already stepping out of her skirt,

Now that her tits were free he bent down and started to suck on them, by now she was so wet her juices were running down the inside of her thighs, she dropped down in front of him again and started to suck him hard and fast it was not long before he felt his cock start to grow as he got near to cumming.

He pulled out just as the first stream of cum started, he came all over her tits, when he stopped squirting she took him back in her mouth to suck him dry the salty taste was new to her as she had never had cum in her mouth before.

She liked the feeling of his large cock and the taste , he lifted her up and took her over to the table,placing her on the table with her legs wide open he stood between her legs gently touching her soaking wet pussy then he lowered his head and started licking her pussey lips and sucking on her clit then he pushed his tongue into her,

she started to buck and groan as he licked her to a climax, by now he was rock hard again so he stood up and started to rub his cock up and down her slit and she moved trying to get his cock in her, he knew the she had never had such a large cock before so he took it nice and slow, inch by inch he entered her and she could not believe how she was opening up to such thick cock,

At last he had it all in her and he started to slowly fuck her she was moaning as he brought her to her second climax her pussy gripped his cock as she had her third climax, by now he was getting closer to cumming and he let out a load moan as he started to pump his cum deap into her cunt.
They got dressed and went up to the office, the rest of the day went by without any problems.

When she got home she told her husband all about what had happend later that night they made love and she came over and over.

sissy cuckold husband

sissy cuckold

Pam wanted one thing alone that was to humiliate Harry her husband and she just how she was going to archive this, whilst he started out wearing her knickers and bra Pam soon knew her sissy cuckold was going to need his own and after sending him to the shops he was kitted out with his own sissy outfit, now she needed a dominant male and that’s where I came into the loop

I’ve been a swinger for sometime but drifted into the cuckold scene more because as a single male within a swinging community you need to offer something a little different either being bisexual, hung or black. Whilst I was none of those I did have a strong more dominant side to me that was something I could use to my advantage within the UK cuckold scene

Pam new what was needed and after a few emails a meet was arranged and instructions were passed as to how I wanted things to play out. I got to there house and as instructed the door key was under the plant pot and letting myself in I walked into the front room. Pam was looking very horny with matching white knickers & bra and Happy had pink sissy knickers on and sat on a chair

Harry looked the part although NO bra and giving him instructions when upstairs and returned with a pink bra on looking the perfect little sissy. Sitting down on the sofa I kissed Pam and as she was sat their almost naked I told her to pull her knickers to one side and pushing a finger inside her she moaned in pleasure, pulling my finger out I looked towards Harry ” see how wet your wife is already, you’ll never be able to do that” and with that returned to kissing her

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My hand returned onto her pussy and I was rubbing her clit through the material that now was wet with her juices, reaching around I unhooked her bra and moving forward started sucking her tits. I told Pam to stand up and with her in front on my and her back to her husband I pulled her knickers down and told her to bend over and show her husband her soaking wet pussy

“Does Paul please you orally?” I asked. “He’s not very good and struggles to make me cum” “she replied and with that ordered her back onto the sofa and I opened her legs wide so I could see her amazing shaven pussy

Pushing my face deep into her pussy Pam was so wet I’d never licked a women with so much juices flowing and I started sucking & licking her clit, by now she was writhing in pleasure and it was clear that this women was not used to getting good clit licking as she came shortly after

Standing up I wanted to fuck her so stripped off and moving towards Pam ordered her to suck my cock, looking around Happy rubbing his cock through his sissy knickers and it was clear from the wet patch showing he’d made himself cum

“say Pam, have you seen your husband has cum inside his knickers”, with this she looked over and laughed at him ” see what I have to put up with he can’t even last long without cuming, I’m so desperate for a real fucking”

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Essex Cuckold

Essex Cuckold

I always knew my wife had a thing for black guys, but when you see some of these porn movies its no wonder when you see some white wife getting fucked by this massive black cuck and this lead us along the road to join a UK cuckold contacts site

We’ve also had an extremely active sex life and for the last few years we’ve been having sex most nights and over the years I would say its got better as we both understand our bodies more and more so just how far we can push them

I suppose it was pushing the limits that lead us down the cuckold route as we are always looking for something to add a bit of extra fun into the bedroom either by watching porn whilst we fuck around or toys ( although shes NOT using that strap on on me) and I suppose it was this that turned us towards joining a swingers website

Originally it was so that we could have some webcam fun with other couples and swapping some amateur sex photos, sexual fantasies and even some experiences ( this is where this story is posted from)

As members we got pretty involved chatting with others but never got round to the main reason we joined least at first which was webcam sex, but we soon found another very good use for the membership

We both enjoy watching porn videos online mostly streaming them live from some freebie site, does anyone pay for porn these days ! and more often than not we’ll be watching the videos whilst fucking around, sometimes it gives us idea, other times we just look at the positions in amazement wondering how the fuck …

Some sample photos from random UK cuckold ads showing black guys fucking wives 


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Often whilst we were watching the videos my wife would be wanking me off or sucking me but I knew if it was something that interested her her stroke would go off the boil so to speak, but more often or not the streaming would only last for 20 minutes or so before I couldn’t hold back any long and want to fuck her silly.

When watching the videos I could always tell the ones that got her more turned on than others as she would get wetter and I’ve known for some months she’s got a real thing for black guys fucking white wives and the last film we watched was a cuckold title where the blonde wife basically got fucked by this monster black cock.

Whilst she was watching this video I was licking her pussy and as he was fucking her she was grabbing me harder and I could hear breathing getting deeper and faster, and when this black guy started fucking this wife and stretches her little cunt wide open I thought she was going to soak my face in her cum juices she got so wet and came like crazy

This blonde wife basically got fucked silly and he must have been at least 10” long and fuck knows how wide. After the film had finished I asked her if it was me making her cum or was she fantasising about black guy fucking her and smiling back she didn’t have to say a word –  Afterwards I grabbed the laptop………” so you want to meet a black guy then “ and with that edited out profile

Advert- we are a couple from Chelmsford thats looking to meet with local black swingers for cuckold sex. We are not into the humiliation side and basically my wife wants to fucked by a really hung black guy so you much be at least 9″. Safe sex is a must and at first it maybe a one off but may develop into more if we all get on well.

Tranny Cuckold

Tranny Cuckold

My cuckold fantasy almost a reality, well hopefully it is as this will take me into the realms of being a tranny cuckold as I’ve been crossdressing for a little while and now my girlfriend wants to take thing further, but thats another story, first a little about my tranny cuckold fantasy

It is 2.39 am in the morning and i am wired! being a tranny I am dressed in latex and buzzing with high-caffeine pepsi & brandy. why? well it’s all my GF’s fault! earlier we were talking on the phone when she got me all horny. You see, my GF teaches languages and she has a client she teaches at the weekend.

On several occasions she has mentioned how well she gets on with this client: how they seem to share the same interests (all the usual stuff women really like men for!) etc etc. Anyway, this time, completely out of the blue, she tells me if she were to ever have an affair it would be with this guy! Well, once I recovered from the shock (i didn’t act shocked I just played it cool) my cock seemed to immediately warm to the idea and went stiff as hell! Well, while she continued talking about him I got my cock out and started wanking.

Anyway, because of other commitments we decided we wouldn’t meet up tonight. Problem was now I was totally horny! And as a result I have spent literally hours drinking, smoking and wanking myself off at the very thought of it! I should add the during our conversation I asked her what she would do if he made a move.

more sample photos from cuckold husband ads – the theme tranny husbands 


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But she said she wouldn’t do it because the guy is married and she has “values”. She was a little annoyed at my line of questioning because she knows I would really get turned on by her fucking someone else and am always trying to gently push her in that direction. I should add that she has been brought up in a very conservative way, so i don’t doubt her resolve!

This, i know, sounds very noble. However, I will now tell you of something that happened a few weeks previously. While I was round her house helping with the decorating of one of her rooms she returned home having just completed a lesson with this guy. As soon as she was through the front door she immediately announced that she wanted lots of orgasms. She knows i’m TV so immediately she searched around looking for evidence that i’d been up to no good with her clothes (i hadn’t) just so it would get her more horny.

Anyway, for once in my life i wasn’t horny(i wanted to get the painting done) and left it at that. Well, I think you can imagine what must have happened earlier – she got turned on by this guy and returned home in desperate need of a fucking! So here I am now, all dressed up and as horny as fuck :-)

posted is our profile:- We are a couple thats not married but have been together for some years and enjoy a great sex life.  Recently I’ve been exploring crossdressing and my G/F enjoys dressing me up but now wants to have another man join us in the bedroom where I will watch and join in  – any mlaes interested?

Meeting Cuckold Couples

Meeting Cuckold Couples

The cuckold husbands contacts scene has never been stronger, manly due to the internet and adult contacts websites helping both couples meet with single males and single males meet with couples

Its not really a case any longer of how to meet with cuckold contacts its really which contacts website should you use and we believe that to be us, mainly because we offer some of the best online contacts features and have a member base that’s over 2 million members and growing

As a member finding cuckold husbands contacts is really just as simple as logging in, searching using the advance search features and then sending messages to profiles you find. With the advance search not only can you view profiles by location, distance plus loads of other features all to help you meet with cuckold couples

Whilst I’m sure you’ve seen on loads of other cuckold sites all claiming to offer the best member base, features and point you towards a member join page to view profiles meaning the only way you can see whats on offer is by joining, well NOT here – by using the banner on the bottom of the page you can view profiles and couples cuckold profiles without even joining !!

How easy is it to meet with cuckold couples  

very, but you will have to put a little effort into finding couples and that means using all the features we offer members, by following these basic tips you’ll have no problems in finding cuckold couples

  • Profile – This is your chance to impress the couples looking at your profile so don’t just type a one line profile put some effort into it telling members about your likes, dislikes and experience withing the cuckoldry scene. One other bit advice don’t lie members will see straight through this and tell other cuckold couples
  • Photos – OK do you want to meet with cuckold couples? yes, in that case ad some photos otherwise you’ll lesson your chances considerably. Its a fact profiles with photos get 10 times the messages. If you don’t want to show your face fine edit it out but something is better than nothing
  • Community – Within the members section we have cuckold forums, chatrooms, message boards & cuckold blogs. All these community features offer a place where you can chat directly with cuckold couples or post your views so that others can read and either respond directly to your forum posting or send a private message.
  • Messages, emails & flirts – All these offer ways to contact couples directly but one tip when contacting members like your profile put some effort into it – a one liner ” I want to fuck your wife”   will get you no where, where as a good introduction email will likewise get a positive response from the couple

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Leicestershire Cuckold

Leicestershire Swinger

Leicestershire Swinger start down the cuckold route, and it shows that couples get into the cuckold swinging scene in various different ways, some its when looking at porn and talking through fantasies and the husband or indeed wife will say shes got a fantasy to fuck other males whilst the husband watches

But this Leicestershire based couple got into after the husband watched his wife having sex with a dancer in a sex club whilst on holiday and whilst it was with another women so not strictly cuckold sex it gave the husband all the encouragement he needed to join a cuckold site and post this advert

We were on holiday and doing the normal things couples do which is walk around looking at the scene and being in Hamburg Germany meant one thing alone that was the red light district of Hamburg after all everyone is curious and being a young couple from a sleepy old village in Leicestershire we were more than interested about the sex clubs of Hamburg.

We find a nice bar, and settle into a window seat with some nice wine and watch the world go by. We’re chatting, and we are both really relaxed in each others company. We giggle, and laugh, and talk about lots of things, and it is here that any inhibitions are well and truly broken down, and some inner secrets are revealed, which brings us even closer together.

With our drinks we have some food, and after a while we realise it is past 9 o’clock so the time is right to go for a walk …. Stepping out of the bar the cold air hits us, so we snuggle together as we walk. We walk past a few sex shops, giggling at what we see in the windows. When we come to the next big shop, we intuitively both walk in and start to peruse the goodies in there.

There is everything you can imagine, from toys to books and magazines, to clothes and extreme BDSM equipment and DVD’s and novelties. We enjoy looking around and decide to buy a fun looking vibrator, which we pledge to try out later. In the shop there are some interesting characters, from the obvious sex-tourist, the the city-gent-pervert type, and there are also a few couples like us. One couple keep looking at us and we joke that they are eyeing us up for a bit of swinging action later on !!

Want to see Leicestershire swingers photos ? posted below samples although not this couple


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Walking out of the shop we see a street full of bars and sex shows, so we decide to shelter from the cold by going into an up-market ‘dancing’ club. We pay our money and walk into the very eleganty designed bar, which has lots of tables and dancing poles all around it. We get our drinks and settle into the only free table, and start to be nosey.

There’s a few tables of just men – on some expense-paid corporate evenings out, letching and leering at the beautiful girl thay have paid for to dance in front of them. A couple of tables have couples like us at them, and as we are looking around a stunning girl comes over to us. She asks if we would like her to dance for us – and with a mischievious look in your eyes you tell me that you want her to … so we say yes and she takes our money, returning to the table inches in front of as she starts her routine. She bends, gyrates, twists and teases in front of us, and you lean into me to tell me how turned on you are by her body. The girl knows this and gives you a big smile…..

Just then she pulls a string and her top comes off, revealing her lovely, shapely, perfect breasts. She again smiles at you, and taking your hand she places it on her boobs, encouraging you to caress her body. As you do, I reach under the table and between your thighs and as you part your legs for me I can feel traces of your wetness. Slowly I beging to massage your clit as we watch the girl, and after a few minutes you react with a murnur, as the girl bends over in front of us and removes her bikini bottoms.

You gasp as you realise you are looking at her beautiful smooth pussy from behind, and the girl again knows how turned on you are. She reaches down, and all the time looking over her shoulder and into your eyes, she traces her finger seductively over her pussy lips, ever so slightly pushing it inside before bringing it out and offering it to your mouth to taste. I feel your clitoris harden to my touch, and your whole body almosts stiffens with pleasure as you suck her finger dry…. the girls winks, leans over and gives you a gentle kiss, and then says good-bye.

The show is over, but we are only just starting and I found a new interest in watching my girlfriend with others, something from looking at my girlfriend she licked the idea of as well

Profile:- petetannylei:- hiya thanks for reading our advert, we are new to the swinging scene and keen to meet with either females or males for cuckold sex. We live in Leicestershire and really only looking to meet with local contacts. I would like to watch rather than getting involved and we’ve posted a story within out blog about our first meet which kinda explains a lot.

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